söndag 7 oktober 2018

Twice a year?

It seems that I only make it here twice a year. Once again, time for a autumn/fall report.

This summer was really hot, so knitting bamboo/cotton felt like a good idea. I combined some stash bamboo and some LYS bargain cotton with a charity knitting blankets (and other stuff) for prematures at our local hospital.

This one was knit in Novita bamboo yarn from my stash, size a bit less than 50*50cm... for someone really small, that is. Pattern is the same one I used to knit a blanket for my own babies more than 9 years ago.

That was a quick knit, but took me a long time to block and weave in ends...

Next I decided to try out a really interesting pattern with my bargain cotton. This blanket is bigger, maybe 70*70cm. A really simple knit, with a really interesting result. I don’t think I could have made more than 9 squares, though. Gets a bit heavy, and a bit boring.

Looks really cool, though. Especially on picture. Not flawless, but I do not think anyone will notice. Crocheted border to keep it square. (1 row sc and one row backward sc if I remember the crochet terminology correctly.)

Also, I finally weaved in the last loose ends in my DD’s new mittens. Winter is coming.

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