onsdag 15 juni 2011

Triangular Summer Shawl

I was going to knit the Anniversary Mystery Shawl 2011 by Goddessknits, but could not find any appropriate yarn in my stash, which feels kind of improbable since I have loads and loads of yarn... But I still wanted to knit a shawl, so I looked through my shawl books and decided on Triangular Summer Shawl from Nancy Bush's book Knitted Lace of Estonia.

This is the second triangular shawl I make from that book, and for some reason they're both a bit on the smallish side for me - I find that I tend to prefer big shawls. But it's pretty and was a nice knit.

The yarn is Estonian too, an angora goat wool blend that I ran into by accident on our local market last year. Thin, soft, nice to knit. The only problem I had was when I was sewing the lace border onto the finished shawl - the yarn is a bit furry and was difficult to sew with. Also it would run very thin at the end, and I ended up transporting a lot more yarn through the seam than I first counted on, since it would break every now and then. For shawls with sewn-on border I guess a stronger and less fuzzy yarn would be more appropriate...