torsdag 3 maj 2012

Liten blå solstråle

The Good Day Sunshine shawl on Knitty's first page was just a little bit too tempting, had to knit! And since it's quite small and does not need much yarn, I found a nice blue left-over ball of Wetterhoff's Silvia in my stash.

Knitting with baby and toddler in the house had some effect, as usual, and I forgot to make the repeat of rows 13-16 (or something like that) on the Ray chart, but did not feel like tinking four rows when I found out. Would have had enough yarn - now I'm left with 15 grams (had approx. 45 when I started) which feels a bit unnecessary, but that's the only problem.

Since my toddler girl has a lace shawl addict mom, I thought it was about time she got a lace shawl of her own, this one's for her (Still haven't figured out how to keep pictures upright when posting here :-( )!