lördag 29 september 2012

Standing up for myself!

Whenever sitting down to knit, my dear children immediately need my attention. Since yesterday I stand and knit. Seems to help, sometimes I even managed to knit 24 sts between mommy-chores. Need to knit small items, though, big things are too heavy when standing up. Fortunately little one needs mittens.

tisdag 11 september 2012

Peppi Longstocking sweater #1

Still too much to do is affecting my knitting opportunities. This project is easy-knit, thick yarn and no seams, and still took me all summer.
Finished a couple of days ago, it's still a little too big for big sister as planned, but useable already. Was so excited that I decided to knit a pair of pants to go with the sweater (anticipating the time when little brother will be needing the overall I knitted last year which should still be ok for big sister this winter, or at least most of it).
Liked knitting with this yarn, soft, nice, easy. Hope it will stand up for some heavy use too.

It looks a bit short in the picture, but it's actually quite long, as are the sleeves. What can I say, I have fast growing kids (sometimes they grow faster than I knit).

PS And I really appreciated that the pattern had no seams. Enough ends to fasten thanks to the stripes anyway!