lördag 16 november 2013

Fall 2013

It feels as though I never get to knit anything. Still, evidently, I blog even less than I knit, as I have three finished items to show off!

First the big thing, i.e. the Green Pig Hoodie for DD.

Pattern from Novita Ipana - magazine, small moderations (e.g. knit in round).

Then a pair of Deflect-socks. Rellana-yarn from a ravelry swap (scandinavian RAK group, I think) years ago.
Yes, you're right, I wrote finished projects, but I still have to weave in those loose ends, I know! :-).
And last, a hat for DD's bunny. This bunny goes with her everywhere, and yesterday she realised that bunny has no hat. First order was a hat with holes for the ears, but the project grew as I was crocheting, and we ended up with a really nice helmet with ears. Can't have bunny's ears get cold, right! Fortunately stash consists not only of lace yarn, I found one bulky Novita Karuselli (acrylic) which was perfect for this project, start to finish while DS was napping.