lördag 18 januari 2014

Closing up 2013

Oh, well, time to show some stuff again. At last.

First a pair of Business Casual Socks, which was an excellent pattern for my needs. Not too complicated as I need to look after my kids while knitting, and am bound to be interrupted all the time, which also suited the variegated yarn very well, but still enough going on to keep me alert and interested.

These socks are part of my project to make socks for all teachers at my girls playschool. Deadline late May, I started in September and am now half way... will be some time for panic in April-May I suppose...
I had some panic with these too, and must say that I need no other excitement in life when sock-knitting can be this nerve-wrecking... After finishing the first sock, I had 50 grams of yarn left, and hence 50 grams in the finished sock... As my scales are not that precise, I had no idea if I'd have enough yarn to finish sock #2. Sock #2 was therefore knit with extra speed so that I wouldn't run out of yarn... I know that does not work, of course, but then again it really did help, right, as I had about 1gram left at the end... ;-) . The yarn was Lana Grossa Mielenweit, grey, by the way.

When I was at it, I finished a pair of mittens for my DD. Novita Isoveli yarn in AngryBirdsPig-green (no, that is not the official name...). Too thick yarn I think, but then again I am a friend of skinny yarn. Pattern can be found in Novita Fall 2011 magazine.

Project #3 this time is neither knitted nor crocheted, oddly enough. I still think it qualifies here as it is pretty close to yarn graffiti.

Since my 4-year-old drags home sticks and branches almost every day, we have a nice pile of them in our back yard - I used a pair of them.
And since I myself tend to drag home yarn all the time, we have a nice pile of that in the cupboard upstairs, so I took some of that too, and combined in something I thought we could do together. It turned out to be just a little bit too difficult for her, so in the end she chose yarns and colors, and I did all the twisting.
Also, do not do as I did - lace and fingering weight should not be usen except maybe double or triple. And do use simple branches, trust me, it is not much fun when a part you've already finished breaks off. (Could be fixed with more yarn and a tapestry needle, fortunately!)

Both me and DD were quite happy with the result, good decoration for our big vase!