lördag 16 juli 2011

Two Shawls Finished!

It's been a while, but finally I have something to show again!

Last, but not least, therefore first (...eeh - logic?), I dug up my Mystic Desire Shawl. Or actually, I lifted it down from the top shelf basket, and finally blocked it!!! It's been finished for a year or so, I just never got on to blocking and weaving in loose ends - blocking is difficult with a 1-year-old in the house so basically I understand why I placed it on the shelf back then, but postponing things is dangerous!

I'm not 100% satisfied with my blocking this time, but as my assistant helping me with the needles is not yet 2 years old, this is good enough! And I am very pleased with the shawl, as usual when it comes to Anna Dalvi's designs :-). The size is just what I wanted - height approx. 1 meter, and almost two meters wide, and as I used Grignasco Merino Silk on 3,75 mm needles, it's as thin as nothing else, and weighs 62 grams. On to the pictures:

Also, a couple of days ago, we blocked my Panache shawl. The yarn is a mystery yarn that I found in my freezer... I think it's Evilla, it's Estonian wool in any case. Knitted on 5 mm needles, and while knitting I was sure I'd end up with lots and lots of leftover yarn. In the end, the last rows, as usual, needed lots and lots of yarn, and I ran short. I think I knitted, tinked and re-knitted the last few rows three or four times and in the end had less than 1 meter yarn left after weaving in the ends... I had to leave out the last four knitted rows, that, and making only 8 chain stitches instead of 9 on the last crocheted row, was the solution to the problem.

While knitting I was also very disappointed with the yarn colors - too much boring gray for me. But as usual, blocking makes miracles happen, and I'm very happy with the result. Even the dull gray turned out to be a really pretty green color in daylight after blocking.

Shawl size a nice 90 centimeter diameter, weight 200 grams. Ready to fly: