fredag 23 augusti 2013


DD chose a very blue overall for this fall, so I think she needs some very pink accessories to help people understand that she's not a boy. Calls for a pink cowl, that is.

I actually got this yarn from my secret friend in the SSNY 2010 if I remember correctly. She had knit a pair of socks for my DD, back then a baby/toddler, and sent me the rest of the yarn for mittens and such. Well, I never got that far. Fortunately, because I'm very glad that I have this yarn now! (I love the old Sandnes Lanett by the way. So soft, thin, comfortable!)

Pattern Unikko from (in Finnish, I think you can find an English translation via Ravelry). Some modifications, since I have a thinner yarn, a younger and thinner daughter, and a will of my own (also to be known as accustomed habits).

Cast on 108 sts. Did the M1's left- and right-slanting one stitch inside the stockinette border. And bound off a couple of rows before the last increase row, since we (DD and I) thought it was ready. Bound off using my favorite stretchy bind-off that I use for my shawls.

måndag 19 augusti 2013

Inlaid Lace Mitts once more!

I mentioned a project last spring that I still have no pics for on this computer, so I won't blog about that. Instead, I'll just let you know that they, too, were a pair of Inlaid Lace Mitts from InterweaveKnits spring issue 2013. (Actually, the last issue of my subscription, I'm glad I still got that one!)

Anyway, I used those pink mitts the other week when I was outdoors with the kids, anda neighbor asked me how much I'd charge her if I were to make her a similar pair. I did tell her what the price would be for a stranger/not good friend, so that she'd know the value of them, and then I went to dig through my stash for some nice leftover lace yarn.

Ended up with a small ball of Knit Picks Alpacka Cloud that I got some years ago in a lace swap on Ravelry. Most of the yarn ended up a shawl, of course, but the leftovers just might be enough for a pair of these mitts. Once again, I cast on, and started to be anxious about whether I had enough yarn or not.

Well, I did. I even knit two more repeats of the cuff pattern and still have 5 grams left.

Beautiful they are, and so I think I'll keep these for my self and give my neighbor the pink ones instead...