lördag 24 mars 2012

Proud Socks

I'm extremely proud of these socks! My very first successful project in two colors! There have been other projects. Several attempts. Never useful, always too tight or too loose. But now I think I'm on to something - these actually fit my feet!

I got the blue Drops Delight yarn in the first package from my secret friend in the Finnish fall 2010 SNY, and queued this pattern a month or two later. Got the white Fabel yarn almost a year ago, and finally started knitting a couple of months ago. And since I have virtually no time at all to knit at the moment, it took me a while.

In whole, I'm quite satisfied with the pattern, but were I to make another pair, I'd make a different toe - this one is too pointy for me - I have broad toes, like a duck ;-).

I have one skein left of both colors and am determined to make myself a pair of mittens with the same technique. Maybe already for next winter - wishful thinking?