lördag 23 mars 2013

A Green Pig Hat

Am not blogging finished objects in order now, since pics of my second last project are only on my iPad and blogspot won't let me add photos from iPad's camera roll - apparently iPhone camera roll uploads work, but not iPad? Will have to go back and give it another try when I get the iPad back from DD (which probably will be next time she has a high fever, so hopefully not too soon...)

Last project was a quickie. Or, well, it took more than three days, but I almost made two of these since my first try ended up too big - this calls for very tight crochet, and first I tried a bit looser to get a softer hat, but that did not work out too well. This hat can be made in two or three days. With children around, that is!

Pattern from Novita Ipana-lehti, wouldn't be too difficult to make it up self, but I'm lazy. On the bad side this way I have to put up with the things that always annoy me when working with Finnish pattern descriptions - my second last project was from Interweave Knits and I so much prefer the exactness of patterns in English!

Novita Isoveli yarn, crochet hook 4,0mm.
This was meant for little brother, but big sister owned it. Will have to see what to do about that. Perhaps she'd like a black angry bird hat enough to trade?

fredag 1 mars 2013

Adventure, Warmth and a Mystery!

Oh dear, I'm actually here! And I have some knitting to report!!!!

But first some crochet, including one of my two reasons for not knitting so much the past year or two.
This young pirate friend of mine spent a couple of days as a fairy princess (a friend's birthday party + just for fun), after which she decided she was a pirate. Immediate need for Mom to crochet an eye patch, that is. Note the necklace, booty from mentioned birthday party.

Anyway, I've been knitting on these trousers for ages, but today I finally finished them! These are meant for next winter, fortunately, and they're huge, but knowing how fast this pirate grows, I think they won't be too bad in half a year or so.

Used Drops Nepal yarn, and adapted a pattern from the same source.

And to finish for today, a book thought from this morning. I really don't have much time for myself, and haven't slept properly for 1½ year, and when I finally have two minutes, THIS is what pops up in my mind:
In Pride and Prejudice it's Lady Catherine who tells Mr Collins that he should get a wife (nearly misspelled that as wifi - oops!).  Why? What made her want him to marry? What had he done? Had he been too friendly with servant girls in the village (unwelcomed of course, but still annoying). Or perhaps Mr Collins never really was interested in women ;-). My own guess is that he had showed some hopes to marry Lady Catherine's daughter, that stupid man... Or even more freaky; that poor girl was about to do something sílly and had to be stopped?