onsdag 3 september 2014

September is here! Already! What happened?

Summer went by oh so fast. And I did not get much knitting done - first I had pneumonia and was too tired even to knit, then it was too hot to knit - oh yes, we had a really warm summer this year!

Anyway, summer ended, kids in daycare, DH and me working. Not much time for extras. Have actually had time to knit a little now, since I've had to stay home with sick kids a lot... sigh... Nothing big to declare, but a pair of mittens for DS as gloves with fingers may only be used at their daycare if the child can put them on himself.

I'm not a fan of easy quick projects, but after all, they usually are the most useful! Best thing with these: left and right mitt are identical, so when dressing the kid, I won't have the trouble of figuring out which is which.

Ended upp pretty small, I think - made size 3-5 years, and he just turned 3 and they're quite perfect size right now. Too small for my 5-year-old. Maybe my kids have big hands/long fingers?

Oh, and sorry about the last update/missing pic. Was supposed to be a bunch of Jane Austen Knits magazines. Love them! Do not love my phone's Blogger app.