tisdag 2 augusti 2011

Kiemurtelevat kuviot

The Neulomo community apparently got tired of waiting for the promised Novita sock book/magazine, and decided to make their own. I bought a copy, and decided to make a pair of Teppana's design - I've often admired her designs on the site, but since I do not make socks that often, I've never made any before.

The yarn is Austermann Step, a Christmas present. Really good yarn, very pleasing to knit from. On sock #2 I kept dropping stitches, but as that did not happen on sock #1 it cannot have anything to do with the yarn. Also I ran into two knots while knitting #2, which was a bit surprising, but since this yarn is so nice in every other way, it did not bother me at all! (Normally I hate when they do that.) Knitting needles 2,5mm. I think a little bit thicker yarn/needles would have been better for this pattern, at least with my hand, since the socks could have ended up a bit wider, but then again, I plan to give them to my MIL for Christmas, and her feet are much smaller than mine, so that should not be a problem.

I'm glad I learned to knit cables without cable needles last year - I would have lost my nerves completely if I'd had to use two cable needles as in this pattern.

I knit 3 pattern repeats on leg and 3½ on foot. Typical Finnish heel. For the toes I first made decreases on every second row, and when I had 8 sts left on each needle, I grafted the rest.

Oh, and the pattern (in Finnish) can also be downloaded on her website here.