måndag 7 juli 2014

Christmas is here!

I bought myself a Christmas present the other day, and today it arrived! Or to speak the truth, it arrived last week, but since I apparently have pneumonia, I could not exactly run off to the post office right away, but had to wait for DH to pick it up for me. Well, I would have been too ill to appreciate this last week anyway...

It has been a mystery both to me and others, why I have not owned any Jane Austen Knits magazines... Repaired that now. Biggest reason for this delay would bee the high international postage costs at Interweave Press, plus the fact that I have been an almost income-less SAHM for the past five years. Being more economical than Anne Elliott's father did not allow me any extravagances like this.

Am incredibly happy now that I got these, though. A lot better than expected, too. I kind of thought there would have been just some knitting patterns named after Jane Austen characters, but there was also several interesting articles, at least in the issue I already read - summer 2012 - and incredibly enough also have managed to misplace. Choose to blame my pneumonia this time instead of the usual thoughtlessness.