lördag 20 december 2014

Socks for MIL

I have planned for years now, to knit my MIL a pair of socks. Both she and my FIL are dedicated users of wool socks - I knit him a pair some years ago and it's really rewarding to knit for someone who really appreciates and uses what I've made!

Pattern from Villasukkakirja, a Finnish translation of a bok by Ann Budd. Do not like the translation, and there was a bit too much errata, but the pattern itself was nice.
Fabel yarn by Garnstudio, happened to get a Monday sken with two knots - quite unusual. Otherwise happy.

Now ready for Christmas!

måndag 15 december 2014

Wine Santa's

Some christmas presents. Just because it's dull to give away just a mere bottle of wine. Pattern from Garnstudio. Link opens pattern in Swedish, but it does come in many languages.

fredag 5 december 2014

Autumn update

As I said, still not much time for knitting. I have found some little time to knit on the bus when commuting to work, though. Circular needles and dpn's, I really likyeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybb       jjjhjhfggf - sorry about this - have my 3-year-old assistant helping me here. Tried to say I really like those needles, since bus-knitting would otherwise be absolutely impossible.

No time for blogging either, but now it's time for an update.

Last thing first, since this is also the project I started first, in May!

This is a traditional Ostrobothnian Jussi sweater for a friend. I was asked to bring her one for Midsummer, but as all those for sale were the crappy acrylic ones, I soon decided to knit her a decent one in wool instead. (Besides, those for sale are always grey-dark red, and we both prefer blue. Pattern from an old Novita magazine, rather heavily modified. Yarn Novita 7 veljestä. Width from pattern using Nalle yarn size 160, length from 7-veljestä adult pattern using size S or M. Yes, my friend is tall and thin. Also the traditional Jussi sweater pattern is rather male and not exactly fitted...

Anyway, started out in May, finished knitting in October I think, and then gathered courage to block for quite a while. After blocking it felt as though it turned out too big, so then there was some more time before I finally sewed it together and fastened all the loose ends. Not so much sewing to do fortunately, since I knit this in the round, but still... but far far too many loose ends... The size seems perfect now, I think she'll be really happy when she gets her gift tomorrow!

Between working on this huge project, I knit a pair of gloves for myself to match the hat I made last spring. I did not have enough Fabel yarn left, but made the cuffs a bit shorter, and voilá:

Also, for the kids, hats:

Novita 7 veljestä yarn, pattern from Novita's new extra magazine; can't remember the name. Fortunately a quick and easy project as I had a deadline that I barely made. Would like to make one for myself too, maybe the patterned version. Have plenty of red yarn left as the pattern calls for one skein per hat, and I knit these two out of the same skein...