måndag 17 januari 2011

Still alive

No knitting lately (!), absolutely nothing to report.
No online time either.
But a lot of sleep, and some reading too. I'm actually re-reading the Stieg Larsson trilogy (The girl with the dragon tattoo etc.) right now. I'm still not convinced that they're as good as some people claim, but I am re-reading them so I suppose that means something. It's so different to re-read a book - I find so many new things that I did not notice the first time (yes, I read quite too fast). Think I found a couple of inconsistencies too, which is quite fun!
Anyway, I'm half way through book two now, and look forward to "meeting" Paolo Roberto soon. (I saw him live once in Stockholm, he was right before me in the queue at our local pharmacy, and, well, he's something!)

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