söndag 23 oktober 2016

Wrist warmers

So, my male wrist warmer prototype is ready. This started out as a quick knit-10cm-ribbings to warm up the wrists of a cold colleague, but then again, it was very quick to knit, so I made them a bit longer, and while at it, I decided to add thumbholes as well in case he wants to use them as fingerless mitts too.  Yarn Novita Isoveli, stash color, 50 grams (48 grams just might be enough, but I do not promise). Needles 4,0 mm. Size small (male) hand. I cast on 44 sts, and knitted ribbing (k1tbl p1) for about 34 rows (13.5 cm). Then I made an optional hole for the thumb binding off 8 sts with Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off, and then cast on the same amount of new sts on the next row. Kept knitting the same ribbing for another 9 rows (3.5 cm), then binding off all sts using the same stretchty bind-off. Total length 14 cm and with 7.5 cm (not stretched).  Tomorrow I will give them to my test user and see if he comes up with ideas of improvement. Pic model on my own hand, these are a bit too bif for me, but not much.

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