söndag 22 januari 2017

KAL socks

Ok, so what's up. Socks, socks and socks... Last spring Niina Laitinen (pages in Finnish) arranged a flower sock KAL on FB, that I happened to stumble upon. As a beginner, I only knit one sock during the KAL, and was to finish the second sock when the KAL was over. Well, that KAL sure is over now, about a year later. I still have the 1.000.000 loose ends to take care of, but I finally got this far:
The true motivation to get the second sock off the needles was Niina's newest KAL, Valentine's Day socks that started three days ago.  As I learned from the flower socks, I will need to knit both socks simultaneously this time, so I really needed the 3mm needles used for these socks. That should save me from knitting half of sock #2 before noting, that I was knitting it in the wrong size. Which in turn should save me from a lot of frogging and bad temper this time. Other things I learned during this sock project was, that they would have been even nicer had I chosen more similar colors. These colors were what I happened to find around the house, and it does not show that clearly in the pic, but there are two really dark flower colors, and two much brighter, also the leaves are pretty bright. Some more similarity would have been better, but I still like them of course. Very much. Back to the reason for freeing the needles: 
I knit with the wooden needles, and keep stitches on hold with the metal ones.

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