onsdag 22 december 2010

Vampires and zombies...

I finished Mr Darcy, vampyre by Amanda Grange the other night, and feel like commenting. Apparently there's a boom in horror adaptions of famous novels going on, and this was one of the books that jumped at me at the bookstore earlier this fall. This was an easy read, and I could finish it quite quickly, but, well, it's not a book that you need to read. As so many Jane Austen adaptations.
However, it did not mess up Elizabeth's and Darcy's characters as I know them quite as much as some books have, and I'm sure Catherine Morland would have liked this "horrid novel" with its castles and scary moments, but in the 21st centure we're a bit too blasé I think. (Ann Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho is more fun by the way, this feels like a lame copy at points.)
I could not help comparing this book to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, that I read a couple of months ago - that book was absolutely crazy (I'm not entirely sure if it's crazy in a good or a bad way, I leave that for you to decide)! I think if you plan to massacre Pride and Prejudice you really need to do it thoroughly, that book was much more fun.
So to sum things up, this is an ok read, but nothing more. And the end was dull - it would have been much more fun to leave Darcy forever young, and write a follow-up when we meet him in 2011. But, well, someone probably wrote that book already too.

Adding a video for Finnish readers (my favorite Finnish Christmas song but may scare other than Finns since it's really weird). Merry Christmas everybody!

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  1. Minä en ole vielä tuolle zombi-linjalle lähtenyt ollenkaan, pitäisi ehkä ihan mielenkiinnosta tutustua. Tai sitten katson elokuvan kun se valmistuu. :-) Teemalta näyttäisi taas 26. päivä tulevan Ylpeys ja ennakkoluulo -marathon jonka katson joka vuosi. Se vaan on mielestäni se ainoa oikea.

    Paketti lähti viimein matkaan, laitoin sinulle siitä sähköpostiakin. Mikäli onni on myötä ehdit saada sen vielä ennen pyhiä. Oikein mukavaa joulun aikaa teille!

  2. Niin ja SNYsi se täällä huutelee... :-)

  3. Kiitos Juicesta!
    Hyvää joulunaikaa ja uutta vuotta.